6th May 2023

The race consists of three events:

  • 1.5k Swim

  • 42k Bike

  • 10k Run



The race will commence with an irregular shape one lap 1.5k swim in Tikioki lagoon. 


This is described as a 310m leg out toward the reef to marker # 1, a right turn onto the second leg of 300m followed by 3 shorter legs back to marker # 1 and after turning there, straight back to the beach on the final 310m leg. 

The first 4 marker buoys will be on swimmers right shoulder at the turn and the final turn will be on swimmers left shoulder. While it is not expected to be much current this can at times change and cross current may be experienced. The tide will be in, providing ample water depths.




The cycle leg is an out and back course of Rarotonga’s coastal road (31.2km) beginning and ending at the transition area in Tikioki, plus a loop around the Rarotonga International Airport (10km).

The airport loop starts approximately 18km into the bike course, past the airport, at the turn-off beside the Black Rock Store, which is also the road that leads to the Cook Islands National Hospital. Competitors will climb a hill as the road swings left after 300m, until halfway to the Hospital. A left turn is made (marshals will be present) and the road descends sharply behind the Rarotonga Golf Club and the follows the Ara Metua (inner island road) beside the airport runway (on left).

This is a back road and will be followed until the junction of the “Taro Patch Corner” and the “Cross the Island Trek” route. Marshalls will be at this intersection and direct cyclists left, cautioning any vehicular traffic, and this road will be followed until it meets the coastal road at a new roundabout opposite the Avatiu harbour. 

Cyclist will then turn left back onto the coastal road and proceed approximately 3km with the ocean on the right, to a point just before the seawall (just after Nikao Video store) where they will make a “U” turn and return on the coastal road all the way back to the transition area, at the 41k mark. 

Race marshals together with members of the Cook Islands Police will be present a the major intersections, however competitors are responsible for knowing the course and are advised to familiarise themselves with the Airport loop. Cyclists will have their numbers recorded along the route to ensure that the course is completed.

The road is not closed to traffic and competitors must use caution at all times. Drafting is not permitted behind vehicles or other cyclists.




The run leg is a flat, T-shaped course, starting from transition at Titikaveka.

Runners will dismount their bikes and run along the grass verge next to the sea (on left) at the Titikaveka transition area, then turn right next to the registration hall. Upon entering the main coastal road runners will turn right onto the left hand side of the road, keeping to the  left as cyclists will be arriving down the right hand seaside of the road.

Runners will cross to the right hand seaside of the road at the road closure area and continue, facing traffic to turnaround.

The turnaround is at 2.5km (soon after the bridge at “Pacific Resort”) where runners will cross the road so they can continue to keep right, and run 2.5km in the opposite direction back to the transition area. Runners will then continue a further 2.5k to the second turnaround.

At the second turnaround (at the Queen’s Representative offices), runners will again cross the road so they can run on the right, and run 2.5k back to the transition area. This time they proceed as directed into the nearest end of the transition area on to the sea front area, down the finishing chute and through the arch into the central transition area at Titikaveka.

The roadway has already been marked at all relative points.

Drink stops will have availability 6 times during the run course. The maximum distance between drink stops is 2km with most available at 1.5km.

Competitors are advised to keep well hydrated. Temperatures during the event are expected to be around 30C. 




We like to keep the event fun and enjoyable, and teams in the triathlon event are welcome to participate. All things applicable to individuals are also applicable to team members.  “Tagging” of team members will be at the beach side of the transition area and will occur before unracking your bike and after racking your bike.



In entering this event you certify that you are medically fit to complete the event.  One of the most important things to remember is to keep your fluid levels up - don’t forget to hydrate well before, during and after the race!

We highly recommend all race participants obtain their own travelers insurance. Better safe than sorry and it never hurts to have that extra assurance. That way you can enjoy your race and trip with confidence and ease, knowing everything is taken care of.


The Cook Islands Triathlon Association Inc. is an affiliated member of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and ITU race rules for Olympic Distance apply. This includes the following:

  • No wetsuits or skin suits may be worn as the water will be well above 22C (estimated to be closer to 25C)

  • Cutting corners or turning before the designated turning points on each leg is not permitted.

  • Cyclists must put on their helmet and fasten it securely before removing the bike from the rack, and are to keep the helmet on until after the bike is racked following the cycle leg.

  • It is illegal to draft on the cycle leg behind cyclists or other traffic.

  • Support crews or outside assistance is not permitted on any leg of the race.


The Rarotonga Triathlon is an invitation event, and the Event organisers may refuse entry to any competitor, on any grounds, and at their own discretion without explanation.