Ariki Adventures Raro Challenge

The Ariki Adventures Raro Challenge is a fun 2 person team multisport race comprising:

  • 5.6k Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)
  • 8.2k Cross Island mountain run
  • 45.7k Mountain bike ride.

The race is competitive but we encourage a race culture of open participation and cross-team support. It is a race for all-comers keen for a multisport challenge!

Race teams must include two members to ensure safety throughout the course. The run in particular is an iconic component of the race but is relatively technical and remote. Having a buddy throughout the race just keeps things safe.

Rase Fee - $50 per competitor ($100 per team)

Race Date 14th October.



The race consists of three events:

Stand Up Paddle Board (5.6k)

  • Tikioki Tri Site (Start/Finish) to Transition 1 (T1, Vaimaanga water exit near Vaima Restaurant)

Cross Island Run (8.2k)

  • T1 to the car park at the top of Avatiu Valley Road (T2) via Cross Island Walk track.

Mountain Bike (45.7k)

  • T2 to Tikioki Tri Site (Start/Finish).

The course covers on and off road tracks, steep hills and water crossings taking a westerly route through Atupa, Nikao, Inave, Vaimaanga, Tikioki Nature Reserve and Ngatangiia water intake, finishing at Enua Manea Hall Tikioki. At certain points on the route you will be required to take a ‘selfie’. Please ensure you have your fully charged phone!

Click here to display an interactive google map.


  • Each team must consist of 2 members
  • Competitors must race together at all times. This generally means in visual contact. You must enter all transition zones together.
  • Competitors must carry your own gear and be generally self-sufficient. Water will be provided at transitions only.
  • Competitors must carry a phone with the race tracking software installed
  • Competitors must take photos at 5 specific checkpoints for mountain bike (see map above)


There are 2 transition points (also function as aid stations) and one extra aid stations (also functioning as a cut-off point).


Situated at the end of the paddle board section in Vaimaanga.

  • Water available.
  • T1 Gear Bag will be available at this transition.


Situated at the car park at the top of Avatiu Valley Road (the end of the cross island walk track).

  • Water available.
  • Bikes and T2 Gear Bag available
  • You may leave any gear you don't require for the bike in your T2 bag. T2 bags will be brought to the finish area for collection at the end of the race.
  • T2 will close when the last couple start their mountain bike leg.

AID STATION 3 (Cut off)

Situated at the end of the paddle board section in Vaimaanga.

Aid Station 3 is at the same location as A1/T1, so you will be passing through this area twice.

You must be marked in by a Race Official at A3 as you pass through during your cycle route.

  • Water available
  • T1 Gear Bag will be available at this transition.


Course markers are provided, however DO NOT rely on them exclusively in case they get removed or tampered with.

You must familiarise yourself of the course by:

  • Attending Tri Club training events
  • Studying the online map (see above)
  • Attending the course briefing.

If in doubt on the day, use the Racemap app to check your current position on the course.


Aid station 3 (A3) is our first cut-off point for the race.

  • If you pass through A3 AFTER 4:00pm the Race Officials will ask you to make your way directly to the race finish at Enua Manea Hall in Tikioki. This is because from this point it would take you more than 2 hours to fully complete the final part of the mountain bike course, by which time it will be dark and the race will have closed.
  • The CUT OFF has been established for your safety and the safety of our Race Officials, Marshals and Volunteers. It is essential that you abide by the requirement to go directly to Enua Manea Hall if you pass through A3 after 4pm.

Our second cut-off point is 6:00pm.

  • If you have not finished the course by 6:00pm you will be disqualified.

Transport will be available should you require a lift to the finish.


Time penalties will be served for diversions from the course which result in any part of the course being missed. If you need to leave the course for supplies or in emergency, you must return to the course in the same spot you left it. No penalty will then be served.


You must take a team selfie on every hilltop turnaround point. These are shown in the app and marked with special markers on the course. There are 6 photos to be taken in total. Always stay within sight of your teammate.

Files available for download