Ariki Adventures Raro Challenge

10th Sept 2022
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The Raro Challenge is a physically challenging event that requires stamina, mental and physical courage and fitness. It is important that you prepare accordingly and ensure you have the correct gear on race day to make your experience as fun and safe as possible.


The Cook Island Tri Club will be running bi-weekly training events (Thursday and Saturday) that you are encouraged to attend. These will ensure you are in peak fitness but are also useful for course familiarisation.

The race organisers will place course markers at key locations but you must familiarise yourself of the course by:

  • Attending Tri Club training events

  • Studying the online map

  • Attending the course briefing

  • If in doubt, use the Racemap app to check your current position on the course.

The race is competitive but we encourage a race culture of open participation and cross-team support. Ultimately the race should be fun for all levels of fitness.




  • Stand Up Paddle Board - You can bring your own or you may book one of Ariki Adventures boards. These may be booked when you complete online registration.

  • Mountain Bike - You can bring your own, or you may rent a bike from Ride Raro at a special rate. It is essential that you ensure your bike has been properly maintained and serviced prior to race start.

  • Running Shoes - The cross-island run is a technically challenging course with many river crossings. You will need sturdy mountain running shoes with good tread for slippery rocky and muddy conditions.

  • Backpack - You are required to be self-sufficient and carry your own water and food. We recommend a backpack capable of holding water and food.

  • Phone - You are required to carry at least one phone per team. This must have the tracking software app loaded and running so that course officials can track your progress throughout the race. 

  • Camera - You are required to take photos at various locations as evidence of completing the course. You may use your phone or carry a separate camera.




You must undertake suitable training in order to be able to complete this challenge.  It will be hard!

It is expected that the race will take between 5.5 and 10 hours, during which time you will experience fatigue, pain, and an incredible challenge both mentally and physically. 

In order to assist in your preparation CITAI are undertaking 2 training sessions per week, on Thursdays and Saturdays.  You are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions.  They will not only assist you to be physically fit for the event, they will also enable you to familiarise yourself with the route of each of the 3 disciplines.  This is essential for race day as the courses are off road and whilst they will be marked you do need to have trained on them before the race.

To join this group and receive weekly emails detailing the training for the week please email f& with your details.



On Race Day you can expect to see Race Officials at the Start / Finish and each Transition / Aid Station.

There will also be Qualified First Aiders at each Aid Station

There will be a vehicle available to transport any competitors as needed

The course is too long to have marshals tracking competitors in the bush or on the mountain bike.  For this reason, you must familiarise yourself with the route prior to race day, ideally during the CITAI group training sessions.

It is essential that your team discusses any contingency plans you may wish to make in the event of injury or needing assistance.  One of the reasons that this race is being run as a pair is so that you are able to assist your partner should things go wrong. 

You will be able to contact race officials via cell phone throughout the day who will send assistance to you If you need it.



You will need to prepare two transition bags as follows:

T1 bag contains:

  • Running Shoes

  • Towel and change of clothes, if needed

  • Nutrition (snacks, gels etc) and Hydration (extra water & electrolytes to refill your pack/bottles)

  • Any items you may need half-way through your Mountain Bike ride, eg. extra food and water.

T2 bag contains:

  • Helmet

  • Cycling gear (eg cycling shoes, short, gloves, etc)

  • Nutrition (snacks, gels etc) and Hydration (extra water & electrolytes to refill your pack/bottles).




Mobile phones are required for taking selfies at 5 locations (to prove you have completed the course) and for tracking your progress through the course. We recommend you place your phone in a waterpoof bag or pouch to avoid damage (these may be purchased from Ariki Adventures online store.

Your team will need at least one tracking device working continuously from Start to Finish. If both team members are using the tracking app (Highly Recommended), consider keeping one phone only as the tracking device, and using the second phone for tracking, as well as taking pictures, navigation, etc.

You are required to install the tracking app on your phone prior to race start. This app allows the course organisers to see where you are but also will help you with navigation.

Prepare your mobile phone for tracking:

  • Racemap app installed and team registered.

  • Switch off all background apps you don’t need.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth OFF to conserve battery

  • Mobile Data ON (make sure you have at least 20MB of mobile data available)

  • Put you phone ON CHARGE overnight.




Thursday (before race)

  • 6:00pm Race briefing dinner (Compulsory).

Friday (before race):

  • Bring your Mountain Bike and a clearly labelled T2 Bag to Transition Two (T2) between 4pm and 6pm. T2 is situated at the car park at the top of Avatiu Valley Road (the end of the cross-island track).

Sat (Race day):

  • 7:00am - Arrive at Enua Manea Hall, ready for the SUP section.

  • Make sure you have:

    • Your SUP paddling gear.

    • Mobile phone in waterproof pouch/cover. Make sure it is prepared for use (see above)

    • Nutrition and Hydration for the SUP section of the race.

    • Clearly labelled T1 Bag. Race Officials will take it to Transition One.

  • 7:45 am - Opening prayer and quick briefing. Tap START TRACKING on your phone app and secure your phone.

  • 8:00am - Race starts.

  • 4:00pm - Race cut off at Aid station 3.

  • 6:00pm - Race cut-off.

Sunday (after race):

  • 6:00pm - Prizegiving dinner.